Kelo-Cote is renowned for their topical treatments that reduce the appearance of scars, burns and stretch marks with plastic surgeons and dermatologists lauding about the remarkable results constantly delivered. Their scar gel is the only 100% silicone based scar treatment that acts as a second layer of skin to prevent the formula from being disturbed while it heals the scar.

Drying clear within minutes once applied, Kelo-Cote doesn’t interfere with any make-up or sunscreen that is applied over it, so you can use it daily ensuring you get the best results. Each variation of the scar gel helps to reduce redness, and discolouration, relieving any itchiness and smoothing any potentially raised skin. A layer of Kelo-Cote applied onto the skin will be thin, breathable, transparent and most importantly waterproof.

Treating a scar with Kelo-Cote works by helping to create an optimal environment by creating regulated moisture levels increasing the amount of collagen production in the skin. Providing 24 hours of protection and treatment, this flexible and breathable layer helps the scar achieve a flatter, softer condition and appearance of the skin is improved so it feels soft and smooth.

Working on all types of scars, old and new, including ones caused by trauma, burns and surgery. Suitable for both adults and children, even those with sensitive skin, the Kelo-Cote scar gels are biocompatible and can be used once stitches have been removed or once the wound is no longer bleeding.

This advanced formula is available as both a gel (either with or without UV protection) and as a spray, depending on the size of the scar you are looking to treat. With the spray working very much in the same way as the gel, although the spray can be applied without having to touch the skin, especially for particularly painful scars that can be distressing to touch or rub into.

For the best results with any of these products, aim to apply them twice a day to ensure a faster healing time.

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