Lycogel is the one of the first, completely breathable multi tasking anti-aging makeup’s, allowing for the skin to breathe for 24 hours. Originally developed as a post-operative gentle, high coverage, camouflage base for patients to use within the following weeks of a cosmetic procedure. Have seen its comfortable formula still in use long after the skin has healed.

Consisting of breathable camouflage foundations and breathable concealers are among favourites for those who suffer from rosacea. With excellent coverage, this is a makeup that works to reduce any redness or swelling, especially performing well for the face. The ingredients in the foundation and concealer help prevent any flare-ups while also using botanical stem-cell technology and peptides to prevent wrinkles and aging to the skin, lasting all day.

Specifically formulated as a post-operative camouflage makeup, providing natural colour, cover, and protection all year round against sun damage and environmental ageing. While also supporting the skin’s ability to repair an renew itself.

Unlike mineral makeup and traditional cosmetics, Lycogel provides a patented gel mesh that mimics the structure of the skin known as “second skin” technology. This allows Lycogel to function and breathe as if you weren’t wearing any makeup at all, feeling light to the touch, even when layered for superior coverage, with added protection against water and the transfer onto clothing.

With all products containing the trademarked Lyco-Complex, containing 12 active ingredients designed to promote moisture, nutrients and oxygen to improve the skin. This cutting edge technology, Lyco-Complex works by delivering a multitude of powerful active anti aging properties which soothe, repair, protect and heal the skin as it boosts oxygenation to the cells. This is vital for skin’s recovery process after following sun exposure, a procedure or a breakout.

Lycogel products are wearable, everyday foundation & concealers coming in a wide range of versatile shades, matching a variety of skin tones and skin types. With the added addition of two new products; the translucent Breathable Balm and the luminous Breathable Tint, give users a choice between full coverage, matte finishes or a sheer, radiant finish.

All products are hypoallergenic and contain no petroleum-based ingredients.

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